Downsizing Ottawa

If you are thinking about downsizing, you’re facing a monumental task that goes beyond just selling your real estate. Relax. At Condo613 we understand that moving from a home full of memories, where you enjoyed birthdays and holidays to a smaller condo, is not as simple as buying and selling. As a result we offer a number of services to make this special transition a breeze.

While leaving the old neighbourhood for a smaller unit in the sky can seem like a headache, condo living is wonderful. Condominiums have exploded in popularity for their investment potential and for the lifestyle they offer. Condo living encourages us to become more efficient and allows us to enjoy our golden years in our own safe, central and luxurious home without worry.

It is always wise to prepare for the future by gaining a better understanding of Ottawa’s Condo market, even if you aren’t ready to buy just yet. It is for this reason that Condo613 created the Condo613 Cadillac Tour, which brings groups of up to four seniors to a handful of different condo buildings to better understand what condo living is actually like.

If you would like more information on the services that Condo613 can offer, including our unique Condo613 Cadillac Tour for Seniors, please simply call our team.

Here are 4 easy steps to think about when downsizing

1. Designate four areas in your current home—keep, resell, re-gift and remove—these will be for your sorting phase. Start by addressing the linen or clothes closet. Go through your belongings without emotion and if you aren’t sure about one single item, simply come back to it later. Try not to hang on to unnecessary items with thoughts about where they came from or when you wore it. These can be emotional mountains—“those are the slacks I wore when I brought my first baby home from the hospital”—and will keep you from donating items that you no longer use. Put the items in the appropriate locations.

2. Bag and box anything that you have not used in two years or more. These can find new purpose at shelters and agencies. Books, clothing, eight tracks, shoes and blankets can add up year after year closing in on your available space. This may not be noticeable in a large home, however, in a condo, too much of anything can give way to a house of “too much stuff.” Bread makers, old side tables, rugs and lamps may be overwhelming in smaller living quarters; however, they are welcome donations to those less fortunate.

3. Sell it on the Internet or in a consignment shop. You will be surprised at how many different items you can sell. Clothing, linens, china and crystal, furniture, artwork—all have a decent resale value, just be sure to do some homework on the current value on the open market. Although people often focus on the price ceiling, it helps to have a bottom price in mind, and if you cannot get that price, you may be better off donating the items and taking the tax deduction.

4. Give to others and feel the joy. Sometimes a piece of artwork, a candle holder or a set of china is admired by people in your life. Now is the time to share the pleasure of those items with friends and family. If you are not taking it along to your new condominium, consider gifting it to a friend or family member. They will be thrilled and you will have less to deal with in your new home. Downsizing Ottawa.