Condos for Sale in Centretown Ottawa

Centretown is a neighbourhood in Somerset Ward, in central Ottawa. It is defined by the city as “the area bounded on the north by Gloucester Street and Lisgar Street, on the east by the Rideau Canal, on the south by the Queensway freeway and on the west by Bronson Avenue.”Traditionally it was all of Ottawa west of the Rideau Canal, while Lower Town was everything to the east. For certain purposes, such as the census and real estate listings, the Golden Triangle and/or Downtown Ottawa (between Gloucester/Lisgar and the Ottawa River) is included in Centretown and it is considered part of Centretown by the Centretown Citizens Community Association as well as being used in this way in casual conversation.

Centretown is marked by a mix of residential and commercial properties. The main streets such as Bank Street and Elgin Street are largely commercial, while the smaller ones, notably MacLaren and Gladstone are more residential. Much of the area still consists of original single family homes, but there are newer infill and town house developments and low-rise and high-rise apartment buildings. A construction boom that began in the late nineties significantly increased the number of condominiums and other residential and commercial high-rise buildings north of Cooper Street.

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108 Lisgar Street, The Merit



300 Lisgar Street, SoHo Lisgar

SOHO Lisgar. 300 Lisgar Street Ottawa


179 Metcalfe Street, Tribeca West

179 Metcalfe Street Ottawa Tribeca



40 Nepean Street, Tribeca East

40 Nepean Street Ottawa Tribeca East


199 Slater Street, The Slater



 203 Catherine Street, SoBa Condos

203 Catherine St ottawa Soba Condos


235/245 Kent Street, Hudson Park

235/245 kent street ottawa Hudson Park


255 Bay Street, The Bowery

255 bay street ottawa K1R 5Z2

320 Mcleod Street, Opus

320 McLeod Street Ottawa opus condos



428 Sparks Street, Cathedral Hill